4-H Camp Overlook Scholarships Available

4-H Camp Overlook Scholarships

Scholarship Information

When it comes to providing your child with a life-changing experience, there’s nothing quite like sending them to 4‑H Camp Overlook. 4-H Camp Overlook offers a week-long traditional overnight summer camp for youth ages 6 to 19. Camp Overlook is open to ALL youth, and has been operating for over 75 years! Campers can choose from activities including ropes courses, hiking, canoeing, sailing, arts, painting, archery, air gun, and much more!

The 2024 camp fee for a one-week session is $482, and the Cloverbud Camp fee is $209 for the three-day session. The following two scholarships are available to all youth in St. Lawrence County, regardless of financial need:

1.  Reggie Chester Memorial Scholarship

2.  Bert Rogers Memorial Scholarship

 Here are some FAQ's for those seeking more information on this opportunity.

  1. Who may apply for these scholarships at Camp Overlook? We welcome applications from anyone in St. Lawrence County.
  2. Who is eligible for scholarships? Our giving is based on the recipient's dedication and involvement in 4-H. The application requires information about the Life Skills that have been learned and/or improved upon from the child's involvement in 4-H, what has been learned from working with other youth in 4-H, how they have demonstrated leadership in 4-H or in other activities, what community service projects they have been involved in and how 4-H has contributed to “who they are” at the present time.
  3. How much money will I get? Each scholarship provides 1 full week of funds for Camp Overlook. 
  4. I have more than one child, can each child receive a scholarship? Yes. You must submit a separate application for each child in order for them to be considered.
  5. What if I am receiving assistance from more than one party? (ie, DSS, Mental Health, Family Enrichment...) We need to know. If you have another party submitting payment to us, we must know the name of the County you are working with, the Case Manager and their contact information. Payments must be received prior to your arrival to camp, unless a different arrangement has been made between us and the 3rd party.
  6. What is the deadline for applications? May 20, 2024. Our 4-H Camp Committee who will be determining the scholarship awards will meet in late May 2024 so applications must be received by May 20th. Applications received after the deadline will be determined at the discretion of the committee based on available funds.
  7. Is my application kept confidential? Absolutely. The Camp Committee keeps the applications locked in the office.
  8. When will the application be available? The scholarship applications for the 2024 summer season will become available on March 26th, 2024.
  9. Where do I send my application? Please send it (no later than May 20, 2024) to the Attention of Tamara Hill at:

C/O 4-H Scholarship Application
2043B SH 68
Canton, NY 13617

Click Here to download the Reginald Chester Memorial 2024 application form.

Click Here to download the Bert Rogers Memorial 2024 application form.


Tamara Hill
4-H Youth & Family Team Lead
315-379-9192 ext 261

Last updated April 22, 2024