4-H Animal Project Certificates

What are 4-H Animal Project Certificates?

Each 4-H animal project must have an identification certificate on file at the 4-H office by June 1st of the current 4-H year. This certificate verifies that a 4-H member has enrolled this animal as a 4-H animal project and has been working with their  animal project  at least 60 days prior to the County fair. 

Non-Ownership/Lease Agreement

If you are leasing an animal from another person, you must fill out an "animal identifications and non-Ownership agreement."

This non-owner certificate verifies that a 4-H member in New York and the owner of the animal have entered an agreement. A lease agreement allows a 4-H member to use the specified animal as a 4-H project.

Non-owner/lease opportunities are intended for youth who do not already own an animal of this type. For exhibition purposes, youth are limited to one non-owned breeding class animal of this type. Youth are allowed to lease two animals of the same species but only allowed to show one at the fair.

A separate form must be completed for each animal/species.

This form must be completed and submitted to our office by June 1st. 

Last updated May 26, 2022