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Help friends and neighbors save energy and $, and transition to renewable energy.

Energy Navigator Volunteers

Energy Navigator Volunteers are concerned and capable residents who help their friends, neighbors, and other community members learn about ways they can reduce their energy use and energy bills and use renewable forms of energy to heat and power their homes.

Over a third of the County's carbon emissions are from residential energy use, especially electricity and heating in homes and car-dependent travel. There is growing evidence of the effectiveness of programs that provide tailored support to individuals and families to help them reduce their emissions.

Are you concerned about the environment? Do you want to save energy, save money, and learn ways to address climate change? Communities around the world are facing the double impacts of the economic crisis resulting from COVID-19 and the on going climate crisis. Ask an Energy Navigator how you might lower your energy bills while becoming more climate resilient.


Nick Hamilton-Honey
Natural Resources & Energy Educator
315-379-9192 ext 230

Last updated January 27, 2023