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Infrared showing energy inefficiencies in a home.

Blower door testing the air infiltration rate of a home.

Home Energy Audit/Assessment

It’s time to take control of your energy bill and live more comfortably in your home. It all starts with a no cost home energy audit conducted by participating residential auditors. The audit provides you with a top-to-bottom look at where your home is wasting energy. You will learn the root cause of any drafts, inconsistent temperatures, heating and cooling system failures, or other problems you may be experiencing.

  • Energy Usage. Audits help you understand how much energy your home is using, and which equipment (such as heating and cooling systems) are using the most.
  • Unknown Issues. Audits can uncover hidden problems (such as leaky air ducts or uninsulated walls) that may be making your home less efficient, making you uncomfortable, and increasing your utility bills.
  • Health and Safety. Audits can uncover potential hazards in your home (such as improper ventilation, which may degrade air quality, or areas with high humidity and cold surfaces that might support mold growth).
  • Opportunities. Once an audit is complete, you will receive a report listing where your home is performing well and a prioritized list of potential improvements to help determine where your home improvement dollars would be best spent.
  • Savings and Comfort. Acting on audit recommendations will not only help you save on your utility bills but also increase the comfort of your home by better moderating the temperature, eliminating drafts, and improving air quality.
  • Customized Report. You will receive a customized report documenting your home’s energy performance and what actions you can take to make your home more energy efficient.

NYSERDA, New York State Energy Research & Development Authority, offers several programs that make it easy and affordable of owners of one-to-four family homes to make a smart investment in a more energy-efficient home.

It’s easy to lower your energy bills and make your home more comfortable:

Last updated January 4, 2024