In 2010, contractors prepared greenhouse gas inventories for each region of New York State down to the county level. For St. Lawrence County, the emissions from all considered sources was estimated at 1,747,699 MT CO2e. To put this in perspective, it would take roughly 2 million acres of average U.S. forest to scrub these emissions from the air and store them in plant biomass. 

Clean energy and improvements in energy efficiency are key to a greener future. But just as it is important to have a benchmark of our emissions, it is also important to promote sustainability measures already taken. To that end, we have integrated above a map from It allows individuals and organizations to see local sustainable energy projects, with the goal of bringing people together to make a greater impact. Has your organization completed a significant sustainable energy project? Click here to drop a pin and tell the world about it!  


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Last updated March 1, 2023