Maple trees with taps and buckets for collecting sap, to be made into maple syrup, at Beaver Meadow Audubon Center, North Java, NY.
Image by Dave Pape
Maple confections

Maple Program

It is difficult for most families to directly engage with their food systems today. The same holds true with the North Country’s sugaring season. If you do not have a sugar bush or sugarhouse, it is simply a challenge to get involved. Community members now have that opportunity!

Schools are encouraged to visit Tuesdays, Thursdays and Fridays starting February 28th-April 21st, during Extension’s annual March Maple Madness when the sugarhouse is in full swing! Programs and field trips are tailored to all age groups from pre-kindergarten to college age adults. Students will gain an understanding of tree physiology, the science behind sap flow, and the history and economic impact of the maple industry. Cost of school tours is $5.00 per student. Chaperones are free.

Weekend tours are also available upon requests. Interested people should call the Extension Office to set tour times and dates.  Cost of weekend tours is $5.00 per person. 

Participants should come dressed to explore Extension’s extensive sugar bush, followed by time spent in the sugarhouse. No visit is complete without sampling pure maple syrup!

Last updated March 10, 2023