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Veggie Art Challenge

Chickens! Sheep! Picasso!? Oh My!

What do vegetables have to do with animals and art? Horticulture Exhibits, that’s what! There is a State Fair Horticulture class called Vegetable Art where youth can exhibit characters or an artistic design made with plants. This will also be available as a County Fair project exhibit as well under Section F-Horticulture, Division 3, Class19.

The Vegetable Art class is an opportunity where youth can use their imagination to create wild or structured designs by using fruits, vegetables, flowers and other plant materials. The materials do not have to be edible, but should be in good condition. First time exhibitors are encourage to keep the designs fairly simple. However, if you feel confident, exhibitors are encouraged to let their imagination fly

Geometric designs are very impressive and fairly easy to assemble.

Criteria for the class includes:

  • Exhibits must utilize different types of veggies
  • Other plant materials may also be used i.e. flowers, twigs
  • Designs will be judged in uniqueness and neatness
  • Materials should be plant based, but do not have to be edible
  • Neatness of assembly, number of plants used, imaginative design, and overall appearance of the exhibit will be evaluated
  • List Plants used

If you have a youth who wants to do a more elaborate exhibit, there are plenty of ideas out there, or they may have their own idea.

Information from Claudia Hitt

State Fair, Horticulture Superintendent


Tamara Hill
4-H Youth & Family Team Lead
315-379-9192 ext 261

Last updated June 11, 2021