4-H Volunteers
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Volunteer Recognition

Is there a 4-H volunteer that you feel deserves to be recognized?

Please write up a small proposal that describes what they did and which award you are recommending them for, and send to cgc58@cornell.edu

The Above and Beyond Award recognizes an individual or group who has volunteered years of time and resources in various areas of the 4-H program that demonstrates dedication that goes above and beyond what is asked of them through their volunteer role.

The Up and Coming Award recognizes an individual or group who has volunteered in the 4-H program for under 5 years and has demonstrated tremendous dedication and service.

The 4-H Spirit Award recognizes an individual or group that has demonstrated passion for 4-H through contagious positive attitude and sportsmanship. This is an individual that is heavily involved and dedicated to the 4-H program through community promotion, advocacy, and service.

The 4-H Lifetime Achievement Award will be awarded by Cornell Cooperative Extension to recognize an individual who has made contributions over the whole of a career, rather than (or in addition to) one time contributions. It will be intended for individuals with at least 15 years of documented accomplishments in 4-H that have had a significant impact on a large number of 4-H youth and the programs they attend.


Tamara Hill
4-H Youth & Family Team Lead
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Last updated June 11, 2021