Nature Journaling Lesson 5

Nature Journaling with Madison O'Shea

Have you stopped to watch the sunrise or sunset lately? The sun’s light is actually made up of all the colors of the rainbow even though we usually only see it as bright white. This is because all of the colors usually blend together. The different colors of the sun’s light travel through the atmosphere at various wavelengths. Red, orange, and yellow colors have the longest wavelengths and can be seen during sunrise and sunset because of the low angle of the sun. As the sun sets and rises, you may notice a difference in the direction the flowers in your garden face, bird activity, wind speed, smells, and temperature. What changes are you noticing in your backyard?

This Week’s Journal Entry:

“Have you watched the sunrise or sunset lately?”


Next Week’s Journal Entry:

“Animal Signs”


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Last updated May 7, 2020