Nature Journaling Lesson 3

Welcome Back to Nature Journaling with 4-H Educator, Madison O'Shea

If you are just getting started this week, you will need:
1. A sketchbook or notebook

2. A pencil, colored pencils, and/or paint

3. Microsoft Word or Google Docs (if you are choosing to do an electronic journal entry)

Every Tuesday, at 2:00 p.m., Madison will be posting prompts and resources to help participants get started on their nature journals. This activity has been created for school-aged children and their families, but can also be enjoyed by adults.
This Week’s Journal Entry:

“How do you know that it’s spring?”

Journalists are challenged with writing about the different signs of spring that can be found in their own backyards. See the attached documents below for additional information on this challenge.

Next Week’s Journal Entry:

“What are the clouds saying?”

Tune in next week to learn how to observe clouds and include them in your journal!



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4-H Youth & Family Team Lead
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Last updated May 7, 2020