Opportunities at the Harvest Kitchen

Kitchen Brochure

The Harvest Kitchen at the Extension Learning Farm in Canton is a shared-use incubator kitchen available for hourly rental by food entrepreneurs. In addition, this modern space hosts hands-on cooking and preservation classes using locally grown ingredients.

The Kitchen provides a broad platform for Extension’s educational programming in the areas of agriculture, nutrition and youth development, and also provides local producers with a commercial kitchen environment for light food processing and development of value-added products. The kitchen is also available for rent to vendors with other food businesses, such as caterers, bakers, food trucks and more. The space is available on a first-come, first-served basis. The facility is fully equipped with cookware and utensils as well as variety of specialized equipment.

This includes:

  • Two six-burner gas stoves
  • 3-door commercial refrigerator & 2-door freezer
  • Walk-in cooler
  • Blast chiller / flash freezer
  • Hi-temp commercial dishwasher
  • 1 zone commercial food dehydrator
  • Large scale commercial vegetable processors
  • Large scale commercial pulp extractor/juicer
  • Commercial potato/root peeler
  • Meat grinder, mixer, and sausage stuffer
  • 30 QT floor mixer
  • 7 quart blender-mixer
  • Immersion blender
  • Mobile Baker's racks
  • Mobile stainless steel prep tables
  • pH meter

See other Kitchen resources at the Cornell Food Venture Center Here.

The facility has been made possible with the support of the USDA Rural Business Development Grant program and NYS Workforce Development Institute.


Maria 'Flip' Filippi
Local Foods Program Leader & Harvest Kitchen Manager
315-379-9192 ext. 229

Last updated February 5, 2020