Kent Family Growers, Lisbon, NY
Image by CCE Farm-to-Table Initiative

Kent Family Growers, Lisbon, NY

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Image by CCE Farm-to-Table Initiative

Kent Family Growers, Lisbon, NY

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Creatures & Diseases

Insect Pests

Cornell University and Cooperative Extension have many resources available to help you identify and manage insect pests in your home, garden or landscape.

Cornell’s IPM for Homes brochure provides general guidance on Integrated Pest Management for household pest control.

Managing Insect Pests in Vegetable Gardens (12 page PDF) From Purdue University

NYS Integrated Pest Management Insect Identification (link to web site) From Cornell College of Agriculture.. An easy to use site for insect identification.

BugFinder (link to web site) Easy to use insect identification using color, number of legs, and location.

BugGuide (link to web site) From Iowa State University Department of Entomology. Identification, images and information on insects, spiders and their kin in the United States and Canada.

Biological Pest Controls (link to web site) From IPM labs. Information about plant pests with descriptions as well as different biological control methods.

Asian Giant Hornets-A Concern for NY? (link to website) From NYS IPM Program

Tick FAQs (link to web site) From NYS IPM "Don't Get Ticked NY". Answers to commonly asked questions about tick biology, tick-borne diseases and prevention.

Allium Leaf Miner in Home and Public Gardens (2 page PDF) From Cornell Cooperative Extension

Beneficial Insects and Pollinators

Beneficial Insects-Nature's Pest Control(3 page PDF) From CCE of Oneida County)

How to Protect and Increase Pollinators in Your Landscape (link to web site) From Michigan State University. You can download the entire publication or click links to specific articles.

Pollinators and Pollination (link to web site) From Michigan State University Extension. Information on pollinators, pollination, and creating the right habitat.

Monarch Butterflies (link to web site) From CCE of Columbia and Greene Counties. Includes pictures along with information on life cycle, migration and habitat.


Wildlife Damage Management Fact Sheets - check out St Lawrence County CCE's Horticulture and Natural Resources Page.

Mark Bridgen's Deer Resistant Plants List (2 page PDF) From Cornell University.

Deer Resistant Trees=No More Deer Repellent (link to web site) From the Arbor Day Foundation. No tree or shrub is completely deer proof. This list groups trees and shrubs by their resistance to deer damage.

Beasts Begone! Handling Wildlife Problems in Buildings (link to web site) From Cornell University Library. There is a link at the top of the left-hand column to view or download the PDF manual.  


Our Master Gardeners and Educator staff are available to assist with plant disease diagnosis and management strategies. Call or email our Growline using the information at the top of the page.

Plant Disease Diagnostic Clinic (link to web site) From Cornell. Fact sheets on may diseases including plants, vegetables,fruit and more.

Plant Diseases (link to web site) From Planet Natural Research Center. This site has good pictures for identifying common plant diseases.

Vegetable MD Online (link to web page) From Cornell University. Access many vegetable disease fact sheets.

Tomato Diseases and Disorders in the Home Garden (link to web site) From Penn State Extension. Information to help you learn to recognize and mitigate diseases and problems affecting tomatoes.

USA Blight (link to web site) From North Carolina State University. A national portal for information on late blight. Observe current and past disease occurrence maps.

Last updated November 16, 2020