Questions and Answers

What is Farm Day Camp?

Good question! We are a day camp that take arts and crafts, animal science, outdoor education, agriculture, team building, and many more types of activities and put them together to sculpt a fun, educational, hands on day for Camper 5 to 12 years old!

When do you offer the program?

We run 8am to 5pm Monday to Friday

How old do the campers need to be?

We offer the program for youth 5-12 years old. Campers must turn 5 before the first day they attend the camp. 

How are the campers grouped and what is the ratio of staff to campers?

We group the campers by age in groups of up to 12 campers. We maintain a ratio of 1 staff to 12 campers. With our counselors and other specialty staff, we are able to often maintain an even smaller ratio for most of the day!

Are lunch and snacks provided?

We do not provide a lunch. We ask that you pack a healthy lunch for your child(ren), with an ice pack to keep it cool during the day. We do provide a morning and afternoon snack daily. For morning snack, we will typically offer some fruit or a granola bar. For afternoon snack, we will typically offer something from one of the gardens (i.e. salad, different vegetables, or fruits). We will also have some kind of ice pop for the campers at least once a week.

How much time will the campers get to spend with the animals?

Each day the campers will do morning and evening chores, and that will either be working with the animals in the gardens or helping with clean up around camp. Every week all the campers will get the opportunity to work with all of the animals. There will be some weeks where we will have special educators or volunteers that will come in and do special projects with the animals. 

Have more questions? 

Contact Jackie Card, North Wind Program Director, at 

Last updated June 11, 2021