Image by Justin Hicks
Image by Justin Hicks

Ag Awareness & Career Exploration

Engage in hands-on animal science activities and explore exciting career opportunities in agriculture. 

The Ag Awareness Field Trip will  provide the opportunity to learn about all the animals on our farm, and to engage in a hand-on activities that delves deeper into a specific animal science concept of your choice (see list below) based on time of the year and availability of resources. 

Animal Science Hands-on Learning Activities


  • Wool Industry: wool dying and felt making
  • Health Checks and General Care


  • Milking and Cheese Making Demonstration (coming soon)
  • Gestation

Dairy Cows

  • Butter Making (PreK-3rd)
  • Ruminant Digestion (4th-6th)


  • Anatomy and physiology
  • Byproducts and Resources


  • Embryology and candling 

Animal Nutrition

  • Compare and explore components of grain and feed

Last updated April 20, 2018