Image by Justin Hicks
Image by Justin Hicks

Ag Awareness & Career Exploration

Engage in hands-on animal science activities and explore exciting career opportunities in agriculture. 

The Ag Awareness Field Trip will  provide the opportunity to learn about all the animals on our farm, and to engage in a hand-on activities that delves deeper into a specific animal science concept of your choice (see list below) based on time of the year and availability of resources. 

All groups will get a lesson in Bio-Security as it relates to Animal/ human contact, and general health. 


  • Students will learn what bio-security is, and will be able to describe why it’s important to consistently follow bio-security measures, and describe animal disease prevention strategies. And ways to implement bio-security measures for themselves and their own animals.

Animal Science Hands-on Learning Experiences to choose from:


  • Wool Industry: Learn about the changes in the wool industry and the impact on agriculture. Choice of wool dying or felt making activity
  • Health Checks and General Care: Learn about caring for animals and some veterinary responsibilities to ensure a healthy herd. Kids can get in the pens with the animals to hear their heart beat and help with a health check.


  • Milking and Cheese Making Demonstration (coming soon)
  • Gestation: Your classroom can "adopt"a goat in the fall and track their pregnancy and then monitor and watch the growth of the babies once they are born.

Dairy Cows

  • Dairy products Industry and impact on agriculture, and Butter Making activity (PreK-3rd)
  • Ruminant Digestion (4th-6th: Students will learn about the different types of stomachs animals have and simulate how the stomachs work in different animals. 


  • Byproducts and Agricultural Resources: Students will learn about the anatomy and physiology of pigs while exploring the industry and the many agricultural uses of various byproducts of pigs. 


  • Embryology and candling: Students may see chickens hatching, or having hatched within 24 hours. They will learn about the incubation period and how a chicken develops inside the egg.

Animal Nutrition

  • Compare and explore components of grain and feed, and explore the similarities and differences between what humans and animals eat for energy and health.

Last updated September 21, 2018