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Healthy Recipes

Our recipes are not only good for you, they taste good, and are low-cost and easy to prepare. We strive to provide our community with healthy, tasty meal ideas to make cooking together quick easy and fun for all household members.

Farmhouse Favorites

Each month our nutrition team shares healthy, delicious, seasonal recipes that we just can't get enough of. We love sharing food almost as much as we love eating it! Feel free to send in your favorites!

Finally the sweet summer has arrived. School is out, days are longer, and more importantly the beautiful fruits and vegetables are starting to ripen, getting ready for the thick of the summer harvest. There are few things more exciting that eating some of the first fruits and vegetables from the garden. For the last few weeks here at CCE we have been abuzz with rhubarb and garlic scapes. However, in the past few days it is strawberries that are taking the center stage.

In the North Country strawberry season is a bright and fleeting moment in time. By the time you blink, it’s history! Yet, there are few things sweeter than getting out in the summer sun and picking your own, or even just picking up a couple of quarts from the market. It’s hard to argue that strawberries need any help being delicious, but today I want to share a few ways to get creative while eating this summer favorite!

Our recipe books feature ways to:

  • Stretch food dollars
  • Plan meals ahead to save time and money
  • Be creative with leftovers
  • Prepare more WHOLE foods with less sugar, salt and solid fats

Hello Neighbors Cookbook –is a compilation of healthy recipes from friends and neighbors from African American and Hispanic communities in Western and Central New York.

Let’s Get Cooking Cookbook – is a family –friendly cookbook that brings the whole family together in preparing meals. This cookbook features special sections to share Kitchen Hints , Snack Ideas for Kids and even Gifts from the Heart. Each recipe includes Nutrition information.

Slow Cooker Cookbook– a cornucopia of recipes designed for your Slow Cooker – recipes include soups, roasts , casseroles, muffins and even desserts. Save time and energy with this one-step meal planner. (Pdf-) Slow Cooker Cookbook

Cornell University ‘s Food and Nutrition Education in Communities has tested recipes by categories that also meet strict nutritional criteria. All recipes include nutrition information. For more information, please click here.

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