Integrated Parasite Management and FAMACHA Class

  • Saturday, June 16, 2018, 10:00 AM - 3:00 PM

Learn about the different types of worms, the different types of de-wormers, how to use the de-wormers strategically to avoid building up resistance in the parasites at your farm. We will also talk about ways to graze and manage your sheep and goats to avoid building up parasite larva on the pasture.

We will cover the lecture part in the morning and do more hands on activities like running fecal samples and handling sheep or goats in the afternoon. 

Bring your lunch (you could also run down to the store if you need to). 

You will take home a folder of info and an official FAMACHA card.

This class is a must for beginner sheep and goat farmers! 

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Betsy Hodge
Livestock Resource Educator
315-379-9192 x227


Cornell Cooperative Extension
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Canton, NY 13617