2018 Season

Farm Day Camp 2018 is going to be another great summer packed with fun and excitement.  for the 2018 year campers will have the opportunity to work with cows, chickens, sheep, sheep dogs, goats, and rabbits!  everyday camper will either work with the animals or in one of the many gardens on the farm.  with many fields and wooded locations campers will have amazing opportunities every week to explore the ecosystems on the learning farm with one or more counselors.   We maintain a 1-12 staff to child ratio at the least.  through the day we are able to maintain a higher staff to child ratio! 

the 2018 themes for North Wind Farm Day Camp are being finalized, but here is a quick look of what we have so far!

Special Programming - 4 Week Animal Science Program (Weeks 2-5)

Our 4-week Animal Science Program is a special program for those kids who LOVE working and learning about farm animals! Click here for a breakdown of the weeks and more information!  This program is for youth 8 years old and older.

Session 1 – Buggin’ Out (July 2nd-6th)

Sing up for this week if you want to Bug Out with us at the learning farm!!!

Campers will have the opportunity to explore the property and identify different bugs in different areas, from the pastures, the ponds, the gardens to the woods. Campers will learn about the flowers and plants that different bugs and insects are attracted to or plants that are natural repellents! Campers will have the opportunity to make a fun nature inspired pressed flower craft using wild flowers found around the farm that either attracted or repel bugs!

 Session 2 – North Wind Olympics (July 9th-13th)

The Summer Olympics may be in 2020, but that doesn’t mean we can’t have our own North Wind inspired Olympics! Sign up this week to have some fun sports focused days.

Just remember the North Wind Olympics require Jedi training, Quidditch matches, Marble Racing, and many other crazy skills. But don’t worry campers will have all week to learn the skills needed for the big day on Friday. Fishing rods will come out to see who can catch the biggest fish. Oh and did I mention pop-up dance competitions? Because that’ll be happening! Campers will also be making wood disk necklaces representing their team using paint and/or wood burners*.

*Wood burning for campers 7 years old and older.

Session 3 – Space the Last Frontier (July 16th-20th)

Sign up for this week to get an opportunity to make and launch a rocket high in the sky!

That’s right, we will be making rockets and launching them. Campers will also learn about space and search for metros that fell from space. Watch out! The green aliens may visit during the week. Campers will learn about different types of propulsion and the planets in our solar system. Campers will even have the opportunity to make their favorite planet out of Paper Mache!

Session 4 – North Wind Festival (July 23rd-27th)

Send your Camper this week to celebrate the land, animals, and themselves!

Fun and games set up all week with each group creating their own set of games or activities for the last day when we will throw our very own Festival!

Session 5 – Animal Planet (July 30th-August 3rd)

Sign up for this session to learn more about the animals in and around our environments!

We will have different people come in to talk to the campers about the exciting world around them. Campers will explore the farm to find the different environments that different animals call home.

 Session 6 – Survivor (August 6th-10th)

During this theme we will do wilderness survival and emergency survival.

Campers will spend time in the woods around the learning farm learning about wilderness survival. Campers will have the opportunity to learn from experts in their field to know how to act in different situations.

 Session 7 – Myths and Legends (August 13th-17th)

Sing up for this week to take on some of the great myths and legends!

Campers will be able to learn from experts which myths are true or false. They will be able to create their own myths. 


Justin Hicks
Farm Day Camp and Afterschool Director
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Last updated June 22, 2018