2017 North Wind Farm Day Camp

Farm Day Camp Registration now open!

Use this interest sheet  to fill out the weeks you would like to sign up for and send to the Cornell Cooperative Extension of St. Lawrence County office. You can also use this form to sign up for the 2017-2018 After School Program. The Camp will Run Monday to Friday during the bellow weeks from 8:00AM to 4:00PM.

Sign up fast as spots will fill quickly.

The 2017 North Wind Farm Day Camp schedule has been finalized, please note there have been a few changes from the last schedule posted. I am excited to let everyone know some of the changes you will see at the Farm Day Camp this year. We will be hiring 4 counselors to support breaking the campers up into smaller groups throughout the day for age specific learning and activities. We will be running a fun and dynamic camp season with some fun themes to change the weeks up! See below for more information about the themes this summer, oh and did i mention we are running 7 weeks of camp!

Week 1: July 3 - July 7

Wild Wild West - Round 'em up Cowboys and Cowgirls. Don't forget to bring your best western hat this week, your sure to see me in mine! with some fun special activities and guests you're sure to have a good ol' time. Everyone will even get the opportunity to make their vary own leather bracelet!

Week 2: July 10 - July 14

Minecraft Inventors - Lets get are Mod on! As the youth roam from Biome to Biome they will have opportunities to explore new adventures as they create and build their way through the day! During this week everyone is an inventor no matter your experience level.

Week 3: July 17 - July 21

To Infinity and Beyond - We are going to look towards the sky this week as we create and launch small rockets and talk about, space the last frontier, yeah I know I'm mixing movies now. All the youth will get an opportunity to discover the many different ways to create and launch a verity of home made rockets, like soda bottle rockets, film canister rockets, and many others. Don't forget to wear your favorite space themed cloths!

Week 4: July 24 - July 28

Minecraft Survival - This week the youth will learn how to survive in all of the Biomes in the world of Mindcraft. Whats a Biome? the Biomes are different ecosystems found in Mindcraft. Everyone will even get the opportunity to make their own survival bracelet!

Week 5: July 31 - August 4

Barn Yard Olympics - How fast can you run around the barn? Can you hit the bullseye with the bow and arrow*? How far can you jump? We will learn what it takes to be an Olympic athlete while training to be one ourselves. at the end of the week we will host our vary own Barn Yard Olympics, and the sports may be a little different than you're used to!

(*All youth must be 9 or older to shoot a bow and arrow)

Week 6: August 7 - August 11

World Before Time - Look out, what made that big foot print? It looks like a, a, a Dinosaur! You may want to wear your best explorer cloths, we will be doing a lot of exploring the woods for the best areas to have an archaeological dig! All the youth will even learn how to cast a print that they find!

Week 7: August 14 - August 18

Camp Science Investigators (CSI) - Don't forget your magnifying glass! we will have to solve a lot of mysteries. As Sherlock Holmes once said, ‘Eliminate all other factors, and the one which remains must be the truth.’ Yes you can wear your best investigator cloths!

All weeks camp will have a mix of agriculture, crafts, games, nutrition, and great learning opportunities. All the youth will get an opportunity to work with the animals or the crops on the farm every day.

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Justin Hicks
Farm Day Camp and Afterschool Director
315-379-9192 ext. 261

Last updated July 21, 2017