Daniel Martin of Martin's Farmstand
Potatoes from Milkweed Tussock Tubers
Village Veggies
Image by Jennifer McCluskey
Martin's Farmstand
Image by Jennifer McCluskey


Cooperative Extension's Local Foods team is working on several initiatives under the Farm-to-Table Project. These initiatives were developed to bolster local food marketing efforts, which is important in increasing awareness of and access to local food in the county.

Images of local producers in St. Lawrence County

Photo Promotion

The first initiative is a photo promotion offering a free professional, photo shoot for local, direct-market producers throughout the 2019 year. There is a lack of high-quality agricultural photos in the region to use for local food marketing, these shoots will help meet this need. All participants will benefit from this as well because all of their images will be made available to them for their own marketing purposes.

Photo Samples

Photo Shoot Sign Up

Interactive Map

The second initiative is designing an interactive, online map that will increase awareness and access to local food in St. Lawrence County. The map will include photos and details of each producer and local food business in the county. It will be informative, while being visually pleasing. This map will be launched before the end of the 2019 year.

Meet-Your-Farm Campaign

The third initiative is a Meet-Your-Farmer Campaign. This will be implemented over the 2019 year. Producers’ bios will be gathered and used in various marketing resources. The main point of this campaign is to tell each producer’s story. The public will become more familiar with their local food producers, and will have a chance to learn where their food is coming from and how it is being produced.

Harvest Tour Event

The fourth initiative is a Harvest Tour Event. This will be a one-day event in the fall featuring several farms and local food businesses that will open their doors to the public. This will let those who attend get an inside look at  what each producer has to offer and allow them to follow the process of how it is produced.

* Find more information about local food in Gardenshare's Local Food Guide at  http://www.gardenshare.org/content/local-food-guide


Makenzie Farmer
Local Foods Marketing Coordinator
315-379-9192 ext. 231

Last updated July 26, 2019