Agriculture Energy Audit Program Enters Second Year

New York farms can cut energy use and costs with NYSERDA’s Agriculture Energy Audit Program.

The Agriculture Energy Audit Program provides farms and on-farm producers with no-cost energy audits that include recommendations to improve energy efficiency. The program also helps participants access funding support to implement energy efficiency measures. Over 250 farms are currently enrolled and receiving a free energy audit. Energy Audits are good for 3-5 years and are a valuable tool in creating a sustaining farming operation. The program is still available but farmers are encouraged to apply soon as it is a first-come, first-served program open through the end of 2017, or until program funds expire.

EnSave, Inc. is implementing the audit program for New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA), and working with farms to improve energy efficiency and save money.

New York farms can choose from three audits, based on their needs:

§ Level 1: The walk-through energy audit provides a summary letter with limited evaluation of energy efficiency measures. This level is ideal for smaller operations with minimal energy use or for quick assessments.

§ Level 2: This detailed energy audit analyzes the farm’s previous year’s utility bills along with equipment specifications and run-time information. This information is used to calculate estimated energy savings for energy efficiency upgrades. The comprehensive audit report provides a list of recommended measures with associated energy and cost savings and anticipated payback. This energy audit is the most popular choice for farms.

§ Level 3: This energy audit is focused on a specific complex energy system or renewable energy production. This report is ideal for operations with a complex system to be analyzed beyond standard energy efficiency upgrades, or if the farm is interested in pursuing renewable energy.

Once an audit report is complete, EnSave assists the farm with selecting the most appropriate measures to implement and accessing funding, including programs through electric and gas utilities and the federal government.

Call 800-732-1399 or email for more information and to request an application.

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Last updated January 13, 2017