Image by Justin Hicks
Image by Justin Hicks
Image by Justin Hicks

4-H Goat

Goats at the fair!!

4-H Goat Form for Fair

A new policy allows the off label rabies vaccine to be administered to goats showing at the fair, and a double barrier fencing with a “do not touch” sign will NOT have to be required!! A brief write up about the new policy: Goats Policy

With this is mind, fair time is right around the corner! If you have youth who are planning on showing goats at the fair (which we encourage as it is a fun and rewarding experience) please make sure that animals are current with their vaccines.

For the fair goats are required to have:

  • Certificates of Veterinary Inspection (CVI) issued by a Category 2 accredited veterinarian
  • Rabies vaccine
  • USDA approved official ID or scrapie identification
  • No horns

Goat Clinics

Goat Clinics will be held throughout the year to help youth working with goats learn about raising and managing the care and development of their animals.

Goat Give Away

The Dowes will be giving away another goat kid to a 4-H'er interested in starting a herd and participating in the 4-H goat show. Interested candidates must have parental permission, and must have appropriate housing and care for the goat. 


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Last updated April 6, 2017