Sustainable Energy

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Anaerobic Digester Tour

Learn how our small-scale digester works through an interactive virtual tour.

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Digester Live Data

View and download live data from the Extension Learning Farm's Anaerobic Digester!

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Washing dishes

Saving Water & Energy

You can save water AND energy when you wash dishes by not leaving the water running and by only washing when you have a sink full of dishes. Find more tips here.

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Buying Firewood

It's a good idea to buy your wood at least one whole season ahead. Get tips on what to look for, how firewood is sold, and more useful information here.

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Solar Thermal Systems

Solar thermal systems convert solar radiation to thermal energy. A solar water heater can meet 90-100% of your hot water needs in the summer.

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Wood pile

Storing Firewood

Unlike most fuels, firewood can be stored indefinitely, safely and without degrading. Learn correct storage techniques here.

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Last updated April 4, 2018