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Outdoor Recreation & Natural Resources

Gain valuable skills while developing an understanding of our natural world. Learn about different Natural Resource topics and choose from hands-on learning opportunities and team building activities.

Natural Resources

The Natural Resources Field Trip will provide the opportunity to learn about environmental components in our local areas, and Rabies and Lyme Disease awareness and prevention. These trips can be quite fun in the winter months.

Stay away from Strays (Year-Round, presented to all groups)

Grades K-8

  • Objective: Rabies awareness and prevention
  • Hands-on Activity:
  • On-site Activity:

Animal Signs (Year-Round)

Grades K-12

  • Objective:Learning about tracking animals in the wilderness
  • Hands-on Activity: "What animal am I," "Animal charades," Animal Pictionary"
  • On-site Activity: Nature walk identifying reminiscence of animals in the wilderness including tracks, scat, etc.

Oh Deer (Year-Round)

Grades K-8

  • Objective: Exploring Habitats & and wildlife populations in ecological systems¬†
  • Hands-on Activity: Animal populations activity/game
  • On-site Activity: Nature walk identifying habitat characteristics, and conditions that impact population density.

Outdoor Recreation

Our Outdoor Recreation field trips are designed as team building activities in the wilderness based on time of the year, and include Rabies and Lyme Disease awareness and prevention. 

Outdoor Survival (Year-Round, Ideal for winter and summer seasons)

Grades 4-12

  • Objective: Exploring the factors necessary to survive in the wilderness.
  • Hands-on Activity: Team building activity
  • On-site Activity: Work together to bulid a shelter, and build fire to boil water.
  • *pairs well with ELA standards with "Hatchet," "Brian's Winter"

Orienteering (Map & Compass)

Grades 5-12

  • Objective:To learn basic directional skills using map and compass strategies.
  • Hands-on Activity: Team building activity
  • On-site Activity: Explore the acreage of woodland at the Extension Learning farm while practicing orienteering skills

Last updated September 21, 2018